Someone asked on a call the other day when we talked about delegating administrative tasks how she could afford a virtual assistant. The conversation was about how important it is to follow up and to have a system in place to keep in touch with clients and prospects. It was suggested that we not do it ourselves – these are perfect tasks to delegate.

It occurred to me that the question to ask yourself about your business might not be “How can I afford an assistant?” but rather “How can I raise my rates to bring in more money?”.

Delegating follow up tasks is so important to keeping customers happy. Keeping in touch can lead to more referrals and more sales, so it’s often wise to spend money to make money.

Telling yourself you don’t have the money to run your business efficiently weakens your confidence. Why not increase your confidence by getting clear on the real value you provide to clients and raising the fees you charge?

That way, you’ll be able to easily afford administrative help, and you won’t stay stuck in poverty consciousness.

Are you charging enough? Are you asking yourself the right questions? I’d love to hear your comments about what questions you ask yourself about your coaching business.

~ Jan

Jan Marie Dore
Jan Marie Dore

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    • Jan that’s a great idea! So many people underestimate the value of their business and skills.

      One way to rate if you can afford a virtual assistant is to figure out how much money you are losing wasting your time doing the work that can be delegated. For instance if you are charging $50/hr for your business and a VA charges $35/hr you are losing $15/hr by doing the work yourself. Sometimes not having an assistant actually costs you more money because you could be spending the time to prosper your business and generating revenue which in turn brings you success.

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