Ten Writing Tips to Promote Your Business

Two of the most effective ways to market your professional service business are by speaking and writing. Many professionals speak to groups and offer seminars and workshops, while others choose to promote their business through writing. If you are in this second group of people who like to write to promote your business and are perhaps stuck for inspiration and ideas, here are some tips to get you started.

1. Find inspiration
Ideas are everywhere. Develop the habit of continually gathering ideas and creating an ‘idea file’ either in a file folder, a notebook, or a computer file.

2. Focus
Creative people often have so many ideas about what they COULD write about, that they never get down to the actual business of writing. Focus on one to three projects at the most. Choose projects that you can bring to completion within three months or so, and focus on completing them before you move on.

3. Write about a topic you really like
Writing can be tedious and difficult at times, especially if you’re not excited about your topic. If possible, try to find a subject that you are really enthusiastic about, so that you are motivated to become an expert about it and then share what you have learned with others.

4. Brainstorm your ideas
Whether mentally or on paper, take time to let your creative juices flow. Think of why you are writing and what you want to say. Then mind map your ideas on a blank page, or jot down some notes about what you want to say. For longer written pieces such as books, create a preliminary outline that you can expand on later.

5. Do the research
If you’re lacking information, or need to gather some facts in order to make a point, do a little research. The internet is chock full of information right at your fingertips. This may be all you need to find the motivation to start, or to fill in a gap.

6. Write for a specific target market
Take time to think about who you’re writing for. What are their needs and specific challenges? Write about solutions to the problems you see your ideal clients repeatedly having, or about the questions they always ask you. Write three key points you want them to know, and then expand on each of these points by writing three sentences, and you’ll have an article.

7. Communicate personally with your readers
If you’re writing an ezine or an article for online publication, write in a very personal manner to establish trust. Use ‘you’ when you write so that you are speaking to the person directly. Write clear and simple sentences and keep away from jargon and clichés. Write very short paragraphs to make it easier to read online.

8. Provide valuable information that prospects can use
Writing is a way to demonstrate your expertise and to build your visibility and credibility with your target audience. Share from your own experiences and learning. Write about solutions to the issues that you or your clients are currently experiencing. Help prospective clients see why and how they need the solution you can provide them.

9. Develop the habit of writing
Get into the habit of writing regularly. Block out creative time for your writing on a regular basis – whether 15 minutes to an hour a day, or a full morning or day once a week. Make a commitment to yourself or to a writing partner to write regularly, and stick with it. Over time, you’ll develop a nice body of work.

10. Write for the joy of It
Write about what you are really interested in – what you’re passionate about. That passion will come through to your readers, and they will be inspired to try something new. They’ll connect with what you’re saying, and may be so inspired that they’ll contact you to find out more.

Writing can be a very effective tool for attracting clients and opportunities and growing your business. It’s a great way to provide value and stay in touch with clients.

~ Jan

By Jan Marie Dore

I mentor coaches and women entrepreneurs to attract more clients and create and sell more of their coaching services, programs and courses online at www.JanMarieDore.com. I also host a Free Facebook community for women entrepreneurs at Coaches & Changemakers. Come join us - it's FREE!


  1. I needed to read your post today! Thanks for the great tips.
    I know I procrastinate with writing… I’m passionate about my topic but still will find so many excuses not to get on and write! The best thing I found was, as you suggested, get into the habit of writing every day. And I do that. No matter what happens throughout the day I make time to write — preferably in the morning before other distractions take over.


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