The 6 Lesson Quick Start Accelerator Course to Create a Premium Coaching Program and Sign Up High-Fee Clients

I'll Show You How To Jump Start Your Client Attraction and Get On The Path to $5k to $10k+ Months in Your Coaching Business (even if you're just starting out)

PATH TO CLIENTS is a live 8 week training and group coaching intensive for women ready to start and grow a profitable online coaching business and make a lot of money simply by being their real selves. 

This program is designed specifically for talented woman coaches who struggle with attracting clients and making the impact they know they want to make, and are looking for an easy way to stand out, get more clients, and create a high-ticket coaching program they can sell over and over.

I will take you through my proven 6-step client attraction and sales system and guide you step-by-step to create and sell a premium online coaching program and attract new clients every day online (with no ads, no funnels, and no complicated tech).

My method is simple, step-by-step - and it works - to get money in the bank in the next 30 days if you take quick action on what I teach you - and to get you on the path to consistent $5k to $10k+ months NOW  - no matter where you’re starting from. 

If you're in the start-up stage of your coaching business or doing under $10k per month, my PATH TO CLIENTS Quick Start Program will help you sign up premium coaching clients and get paid fast.

This online course is designed to help brand new coaches start their coaching business and establish a solid foundation to attract clients. It is also for women who want to add 1:1 premium coaching packages and client intensives to their existing service business. 

If your work contributes to the lives of others, but you never seem to have enough clients, it can feel very discouraging. The only way to end this struggle is to master the art of client attraction and sales. Once you master these skills, you will never have to worry about clients or money again.

If it’s time to end the struggle start attracting as many clients as you want, and finally thrive - then sign up now!

Here's What You Will Learn and Do . . .

Path to Clients is all about REALLY simplifying starting and growing a coaching business. So, we’ll focus on the 6 key pillars of simple coaching business success

I strip away all of the fluff, all of the confusion, and give you only the things that you really need to build a thriving online coaching and courses business - and nothing extra.

We Cover . . .

Nail Your Niche

Pin point your zone of genius and what makes YOU unique in your space. Identify a profitable niche and ideal client type and dial in your marketing message quickly to speed up your sales process.

Design a Premium Offer

Package your expertise into a simple, marketable coaching program your clients will happily pay $1,000-$5,000+ for that you can easily sell immediately and then profit from for years to come. 

Attract Ideal Clients

I will teach you simple and authentic free ways that are working for coaches right now to get in front of your ideal people.  I'll share my secrets for creating magnetic social media and email content that builds authority and grabs your dream clients' attention so they are drawn to work with you. 

Sign Up Clients Now

I'll share with you my fool-proof client booking system so you can schedule sales consults with pre-qualified prospects ready to sign up with you without having to work hard trying to sell to them. Use my simple sales conversation framework to convert perfect-for-you clients quickly and authentically so you can get paid NOW. 

Sell on Social

I'll give you the step-by-step conversational script that all my clients are using to sign coaching clients over social media right inside their DMs. I'll give you my secret hacks and proven templates that gets ideal clients raising their hands to work with you. You'll never be left wondering what to do to make money online again. Gamechanger!

Uplevel Your Mindset

I'll share the daily practices I use to master the inner game of business and manifest an abundance of clients. You'll break through self-doubt, limiting beliefs and money blocks so you'll feel confident and empowered showing up, asking people to work with you, and charging premium prices.

Lessons are subject to change

Our 8 weeks together will include both learning and implementation.

I will guide you through the core modules in video training lessons and worksheets.

Then on the live calls, I will answer questions, help you make decisions, coach and guide you to take action and implement what you are learning as you create, launch, sell and grow.

This Self-Study Online Course Will Teach You Leading Edge Strategies and a Soulful Feminine Approach to  Create, Promote and Fill Premium 1:1 Coaching Programs.   

No matter where you’re starting from, you can kickstart your coaching business and sign up new high-ticket clients in 30 days or less using my proven 6-step rapid growth system.  

. . . with no ads, funnels or complicated tech

Exclusive Bonus Content  

 You Will Receive as a BONUS All The Worksheets and Done-for-You Templates You Need to Save Time and Shortcut Your Success. . .


To help you get on the path to a fully booked coaching business

Client Application

Get the exact form I use to pre-screen clients for discovery calls.

Client Agreement

You can send to new clients for signatures online.

New Client Package

So you can welcome new clients and get them off to a great start.

Lead Magnet Guide

Easily create an irresistible free resource giveaway your ideal clients’ will absolutely love.

Resource List

Find out the exact tools and resources I use to run my global coaching business online.

Templates and Scripts

You can literally copy, paste and customize to save time.

18 Point Checklist

To keep track of your actions as you go through the program.


The PATH TO CLIENTS step-by-step Blueprint

Here's How It's Delivered 

6 training modules (16 video lessons), worksheets and templates, to help you quickly take action and implement what you're learning.

Join Jan and her team for 4 live Q&A coaching sessions over 8 weeks, the 1st and 3rd Tuesday at 3pm Eastern (12 noon Pacific) to get all your questions answered. All calls are recorded if you ever have to miss a call.

Access the Path to Clients Private Facebook Group for 8 weeks where you will have accountability and support from our team and your peers.

Testimonials from My Clients

Thank you for all of your superior guidance and kind, insightful coaching. I've so enjoyed your program. I'm learning a ton.

Kassie Benham

Integral Coach, Speaker, Writer

This has been a very rich program. I'm so grateful to you for all the great content and training. Every week it has been amazing to be coached by you. I have made big leaps forward.

Joanne Royer

Coach for Career Women Professionals

You Can Make Your First (or Next) Sale as an Online Coach in 30 Days or Less!

What If You Could Sign Up 1 to 3 or More Coaching Clients in the Next 30 Days (even if you're just getting started as a coach)?

Secure Your Access to the Training Now

You Can Make Your First (or Next) Sale as an Online Coach in 30 Days or Less!


Pay In Full

$995 USD


(Select the 3 month payment plan at checkout)

Satisfaction Guarantee: If you take action on what I teach and you don't get any results, show me the work you did within 14 days of purchase and I’ll give you your money back.   

fully booked coach


Jan Marie Dore, Master Certified Business Coach

CEO, Coach Online Academy

Hello! I'm Jan Marie Dore, and I run a thriving global online coaching business teaching purpose-driven freedom-loving women entrepreneurs worldwide how they can make a global impact and live a freedom lifestyle.

I'm the creator of Coach Online Academy a worldwide movement of women living their purpose and potential full out as they grow and scale a profitable coaching and courses business online and get paid well for helping people change their lives..

I am a globally recognized leader in the field of professional coaching and a top ranked business coach who left my corporate career behind to launch a 6-figure online coaching empire. I have coached, trained and mentored thousands of coaches worldwide over the past 20 years and have spoken at several international coaching conferences. My happiest days are spent doing yoga or hiking or travelling the world while running my business from my laptop.

I have supported thousands of women to achieve more meaning, freedom, impact & income by offering high-ticket, scalable group coaching programs & online courses. And I’d love to share this with you too!

I Will Show You How to Stop Undervaluing Your Expertise and Start Signing $2K to $5K Coaching Clients Immediately

(with no list, website, following, or complicated tech required  - actually any tech you need for this can be done for free!)

What If You Had a Simple System You Could Follow to Consistently Sign Up Coaching Clients Starting NOW - without ads, funnels or complicated tech?

Answers to Your Questions

Do I have access to Jan if I have questions?

Yes! If you have questions that aren't answered in the course, you can join us on our Q&A coaching calls 2x a month for 8 weeks, or ask in our members only Facebook group, and I or my team - or other members - will answer them right away.

What time are the live calls, and what happens if I miss a call?

The 4 Live Coaching Calls are on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday at 3pm Eastern (NY Time); 12pm Pacific (LA Time); 8pm UK (London Time) over 8 weeks. You can check the time in your time zone here: TimeAndDate.com 
All calls are recorded if you ever have to miss a call.

What if I haven't even started my coaching business?

That' s fine! The Path to Clients Program will teach you how to create a premium coaching program you can start selling right away and how to attract more clients, whether you are experienced or just starting out. No website is required, no ads or funnels, and the only tech you'll need is incredibly simple (and free) to be getting results after the first three trainings. 

How much time does it take to do the program every week?

Each of the 6 modules will take 1 hour to watch the 3 videos, 1 hour to complete the worksheets, then 1 to 2 hours to implement what you have learned. So, 3-4 hours a week to learn and take action so you can sign up more clients and grow your business.

How long do I have access to the course after I purchase?

You will have access to 4 live calls and the private Facebook group for 8 weeks. You will have access to the 6 training modules in the online course and the bonuses for life! 

Are there any refunds or exchanges?

Yes! We offer a 14 day money back guarantee.

Testimonials from My Clients

I liked the step-by-step video walkthrough. I have techniques and tools and a concrete structure now that I didn't have before. I tend to overcomplicate things, and the main message I got was to keep it simple.

Debbie Vandenakker

Emotional Success Coach

I am so impressed with the materials you provide and the action steps are VERY useful!!! You have an amazing ability to lay things out so clearly. I am really enjoying making sure what I have done checks all the boxes in your lessons.

Jill Costello

Life Coach

Part of your magic is that you condense things and bring it out in the simplest form. You give a roadmap to easily follow all of the steps. I’m so glad I took this program. It added in the lines where lines were missing for me.

Margaret Johnson

Speaker, Coach, Trainer

WOW! Jan, you give so much value. it is stunningly amazingly awesomely wonderful!! I am so impressed with your videos and workbooks. You showed me how to apply everything I know into a signature offer that's compelling. I can't even tell you how valuable that has been for me. Your program was one of the best I have ever taken!

Nina Cherry

Executive Coach and Retreat Leader

Jan Marie Dore

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