Positive Fabulous Women Networking Event

positive fabulous womenI attended a meeting of “Positive Fabulous Women” this week in Toronto. Katia Millar is the organizer. Katia is full of creative energy and ideas, and loves to bring people together.

Here’s a picture of me with Katia at the event along with the speaker Leanne Grechulk of “Healthy Girl“.

This group is for all women who have a positive attitude about life. What makes this group special is that it is more about getting to know each other than about promoting ourselves. I asked several women why they like this group so much. It was unanimous that women just want to connect and have fun – we don’t want to be selling all the time!

We introduced ourselves, not with the typical ‘elevator speech’ but by saying who we were, then being interested in what the other person needed that we could help them with. Listening and connecting versus telling and selling.

By being authentic and letting your real self shine, you still get the leads and the sales, but you do it by feeling good about helping others.

This is the new way of self-marketing.

By Jan Marie Dore

I mentor coaches and women entrepreneurs to attract more clients and create and sell more of their coaching services, programs and courses online at www.JanMarieDore.com. I also host a Free Facebook community for women entrepreneurs at Coaches & Changemakers. Come join us - it's FREE!

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