Mindset Lessons from Yoga Class

I attended a lovely early morning candlelight yoga class today. I have been practicing yoga regularly for many years, and really enjoy starting my day with a yoga class.

I recently decided to use my yoga time to raise my awareness about what’s going on in my mind. . . . to become aware of what I’m thinking or saying to myself.

I notice that limiting thoughts sometimes come up when I am holding a particularly challenging pose. Thoughts such as “I can’t do this” or “This is too hard” or “I want to stop”. I have been intentionally shifting these thoughts to “I can do this” or “This is easy for me” or “I can keep going”. I notice that when I do that, I am able to go deeper into the stretch or hold the pose for a longer time. My mind chatter is just interference designed to prevent me from getting injured.

The teacher today reminded us to breathe, be present in our bodies, let go of control and surrender.

I always try to translate my lessons from yoga into my business. So, I particularly notice what I’m thinking at any given time, especially if I find myself hesitating on writing an article, or making a phone call, or completing a project. When we do anything new or creative, or anything that will that will take us outside of our comfort zone, our mind is almost guaranteed to kick in to try to stop us… to try to keep us safe.

The letting go of control is one of the hardest things for many business owners. Taking an action even though our mind tells us not to. Moving through fear of taking a risk or stepping outside our comfort zone.

So – take a lesson from yoga into your business. Just breathe, notice your thoughts, bring yourself fully present, and take action. Don’t try to predict what will happen, because you really can’t predict the outcome. Just trust and believe in yourself – and remind yourself that you can do it.

By Jan Marie Dore

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