You know that great ideas are critical to the future of your business – right?

So, are you scheduling time in your calendar dedicated to generating new ideas for business growth?

Probably not – if you’re like most of us.

accidental creativeI recently read the book “The Accidental Creative: How to Be Brilliant in a Moment’s Notice” by Todd Henry. One of his ideas is to structure consistent time every week to generate new ideas.

New ideas and innovative thinking for new programs, products and services are the life-blood of the growth of your business.

Without new ideas and solutions, your business and income will hit a wall.

Here are 3 simple steps you can take right now to start generating consistent new ideas for new programs and services and finding solutions to your greatest roadblocks and challenges:

Step 1: Schedule Regular Idea Time

Schedule regular idea time in your calendar to think creatively about any problems or roadblocks in your business. For example the “Monday Morning Idea Generation and Problem Solving Hour“. Begin with an hour a week. Work on only one issue at a time.

Step 2: Choose a Creative Space

Choose a creative space where you can be inspired and free of distractions. This could be a specific space in your home or office where you feel creative, or it could be at corner in a quiet coffee shop, or out in nature. Change it up to allow in new ideas and out-of-the-box solutions. Add music, movement or colored markers or crayons and large sheets of paper to really shake loose your creative ideas.

Step 3: Invite inspiration

Begin by clearing any physical distractions and clearing your mind. Take 3 deep breaths to connect with your wise, creative inner self. Bring one issue or stuck-point to mind. Invite inspiration. Imagine some unique, even unusual solutions. Jot down any and all ideas. Don’t censor them. Then, take action on the one idea that you feel most drawn to. Don’t question it. You have just connected with your higher intuitive self!

Spending an hour open to creatively solving the problems in your life and business can be infinitely more rewarding and more fun than spending an hour checking emails.

This will build your confidence in your ability to generate ideas when you need them. Try it and see!

How much do you think your business would change if you made it a practice to schedule time to generate ideas? I invite your comments below.

Remember to think outside the box!

Jan Marie

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Jan Marie Dore
Jan Marie Dore

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