Connecting To Intuition in Business

I had a flash of insight during my pilates class today. I’m a certified yoga teacher. I haven’t taught for several years as I have focused more on growing the coaching and training side of my business. But, when I was teaching yoga for many years, I taught entirely from my body and from my intuition, not from my head.

I completed my professional training at the Kripalu Center in Massachusetts. Their method of training really grounded the learning and the postures in our bodies. We learned the information first using our logical minds, then shifted to learn and teach in our bodies and ‘in the bones’.

My insight today was that I am not teaching business strategies from my body – that is, not from my heart or intuition. I am teaching more from my head and my thinking mind.

It’s my old fallback position from my many years in corporate as a professional accountant. I was trained in business to use only my logical mind.

So, I am challenging myself to connect even more with my heart and my intuition in my coaching and in teaching marketing and business success strategies….. to let what I want to say well up from my deep inner wisdom rather than go to my head first.

That’s what I did when I first started my business and it was effortless and fun and very effective, but I have let myself disconnect. It’s an experiment to reconnect with my wise self, and I’ll let you know what happens!

How do you connect head and heart, mind and intuition? How do you tap into the wisdom of your wise self?

~ Jan

By Jan Marie Dore

I mentor coaches and women entrepreneurs to attract more clients and create and sell more of their coaching services, programs and courses online at www.JanMarieDore.com. I also host a Free Facebook community for women entrepreneurs at Coaches & Changemakers. Come join us - it's FREE!

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