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Private VIP 1:1 Mentorship Program

for the Coach, Changemaker or Expert Woman Entrepreneur Ready to Claim Her Genius Zone and Expand Her Audience, Influence and Income Online

If you are feeling called to live your passionate purpose full out, to show up as your true self everyday and share your message, inspire people, change lives and make a big impact and income. . . I can help!

I’m passionate about teaching women coaches and creative visionary entrepreneurs how to grow a profitable coaching and training business online so they can live a life of freedom, meaning and financial success.

I am ready to show you how you can have the FREEDOM to work from anywhere, anytime with amazing clients you adore . . .


You are just one step away from living your dream lifestyle and finding
the freedom, meaning and income that you have been looking for.

You may know deep down that there is more for you – more clients, more confidence, more money, more time off to enjoy yourself – but you just don’t seem to be able to break through the barriers that have kept you over-working and under-earning. You see other women entrepreneurs having success, but it hasn’t happened for you yet. At least, not at the level you desire. You may be working long hours, but the work isn’t paying off in new clients or greater cash flow. You want to make a big difference in people’s lives – but not enough people know about you, so you end up feeling frustrated and invisible, not sharing your voice and message in the way you feel called to.

Does that sound like your experience?

My VIP Private 1:1 Coaching Mentorship and Exclusive 1-Day Luxury Intensives are designed for women entrepreneurs ready to soar. We cover exactly what you need, when you need it.

Get Ready for More Clients, More Money and More Freedom!

I'm a living example that you can create a thriving global coaching and training business online that transforms people's lives and gives you both financial and time freedom and the ability to run your business and make money from anywhere in the world - even while you travel - once you know the simple steps to take, and know how to leverage online strategies effectively.

Your Business, 100% You.

How would you like to receive large amounts of money just for being yourself and living your purpose? You can build your own online empire the way you want it so you can express your vision, mission, message and story. Your business should be as unique as you are.

I can teach you how to effectively run a coaching business online and sell your services, programs and online courses to a worldwide audience. But, a big part of the coaching I do is to help you remove what's standing in the way of your success and to support you in developing a success mindset and confidence in the value of your expertise.

You were put on this planet for a reason. You have the ability to be absolutely unstoppable. Let me support you in getting your message and your soul work out to a wider audience and living the life you dream about.

Let me be your coach and guide as you transform how you show up in the world, how clear you feel, how confidently you act.

It’s nearly impossible to describe what unlocking your true self really means. It’s something you have to experience for yourself!

With exclusive access to me and my wisdom from many years of experience as a Master Certified Business Coach as well as from running my own thriving full-time coaching business, you can transform your business, your income, and your life.

Results You Can Expect

(The following list of possible outcomes will be customized based on your needs, your stage of growth, and your immediate priorities)

  • Complete clarity and confidence on your Zone of Genius, Niche, Message and Ideal Clients
  • Your Signature 1:1 Coaching Package, or your Group Coaching Program or Online Course designed and ready to launch
  • A structure to engage confidently in Authentic Sales Conversations so you can easily sign up more clients
  • A strategy to use Webinars, Video and simple automation to attract more followers and make a bigger impact
  • Your Marketing and Sales Funnel Strategy mapped out to grow your audience and consistently Attract a Steady Stream of Ideal Clients and Customers
  • A 6-Figure Mindset and Energy daily practice to bring yourself into soul alignment with your intuition and inner guidance
  • The FREEDOM to work from anywhere, anytime with amazing clients you adore
  • . . . and much more!

Our time together will be completely tailored to meet your needs. We'll discuss
every aspect of your business and personal growth as required.

By Application Only

You and Me Working Closely Together to
Transform Your Impact and Income.

Let's Do This!

What's Included in the 6 Month Business Mentorship Program?

  • 15 private 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Email and Facebook Messenger support between sessions
  • Quick Start Package to give you a head start before our first session


Sign up before the end of July, 2020 and receive my 6 module signature online course FREE: "Booked Up Coach: 6 Steps to Create, Launch and Profit from Your Own Signature Coaching Program You Can Sell For $1K to $10K" (even if you're starting from scratch!).

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Why Am I the Right Coach and Mentor for You?

  • I know exactly what it takes to make the leap from employee to entrepreneur
  • I have run my highly successful online coaching business full-time for 20 years
  • I am a highly trained certified master business coach and professional coach mentor
  • I have trained, coached and mentored thousands of coaches from all around the world to build thriving, freedom-based global life-changing businesses
  • I have run successful group coaching programs, online courses, webinars and video training for many years and know exactly what it takes to lead and deliver transformational programs
  • I am highly intuitive, soul-led, and follow a spiritual approach to business and personal growth and client attraction
  • I live the ultimate freedom laptop lifestyle that allows me to run my business from anywhere in the world.

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$5.700 if paid in full
or 6 month payment plan available at $995 per month

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