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a business and a life you love

One-on-One Coaching Business Mentorship

for the Coach, Consultant or Woman Entrepreneur
Ready to Explode Her Audience, Influence and Income

If you are feeling called to live your passionate purpose full out, to show up as your true self everyday and share your message, inspire people, change lives and make a big impact and income. . . I can help!

I’m passionate about teaching women coaches and creative entrepreneurs how to work less and live more . . . how to grow a profitable coaching and online course business so they can live a life of freedom, meaning and financial success.

I am ready to show you how you can have the FREEDOM to work from anywhere, anytime with amazing clients you adore . . .


You are just one step away from living your dream lifestyle and finding
the freedom, meaning and income that you have been looking for.

You may know deep down that there is more for you – more clients, more confidence, more money, more time off to enjoy yourself – but you just don’t seem to be able to break through the barriers that have kept you over-working and under-earning. You see other women entrepreneurs having success, but it hasn’t happened for you yet. At least, not at the level you desire. You may be working long hours, but the work isn’t paying off in new clients or greater cash flow. You want to make a big difference in people’s lives – but not enough people know about you, so you end up feeling frustrated and invisible.

Does that sound like your experience?

Get Ready for More Clients, More Money and More Freedom!

I'm a living example that you can create a thriving coaching business that transforms people's lives and gives you both financial and time freedom and the ability to run your business and make money from anywhere in the world - even while you travel - once you know the simple steps to take, and know how to leverage online strategies effectively.

Your Business, 100% You.

How would you like to receive large amounts of money just for being yourself and living your purpose? You can build your own online empire the way you want it so you can express your vision, mission, message and story. Your business should be as unique as you are.

I can teach you how to effectively run a coaching business online and sell your services and programs to more people. But, a big part of the coaching I do is to help you remove what's standing in the way of your success and to support you in developing a success mindset and confidence in the value of your expertise.

You that you were put on this planet for a reason. You have the ability to be absolutely unstoppable. Let me support you in getting your message out to a wider audience and living the life you dream about.

Let me be your coach and guide as you transform how you show up in the world, how clear you feel, how confidently you act.

Results You Can Expect

(this will be customized based on your needs and stage of growth)

  • Complete clarity and confidence on your Niche, Message and Ideal Clients and what makes you stand out from the crowd
  • Your offerings ready to launch from low-priced info products to Signature Premium Offers, client VIP intensives, and everything in between
  • Copy and marketing strategy crystal clear to build Visibility and a Client-Attracting Online Presence
  • Strategy in place to actively Grow Your List and attract a Steady Stream of Ideal Clients
  • A structure to engage confidently in Authentic Sales Conversations that get more yeses every time
  • Create Webinars and sell Group Coaching Programs and Online Training Courses
  • Set up Automated Systems to sell your coaching programs and courses so you can Work Less and Earn More
  • Sales Funnel Strategy 100% mapped out
  • Next Level Mindset for 6-figure success and beyond + to bring yourself into alignment with your big desires and dreams on a daily basis.
  • Confidence in making quick intuitive decisions and the exact next steps to take in your business
  • Make a powerful impact and income as a coach, mentor, trainer or "expert entrepreneur"
  • The FREDOM to work from anywhere, anytime with amazing clients you adore
  • . . . and much more!

Our time together will be completely tailored to meet your needs. We'll discuss
every aspect of your business and personal growth as required.

YES, I'm Ready!

I Want to Apply for Mentorship NOW!

What My Clients Have to Say

  • Jan, one conversation with you changed my whole life. It was like you swung the gate open and let me walk through to where my amazing new life and direction was waiting. I can’t tell you the sense of freedom I’ve had since then. There’s no price tag you can put on that kind of intuitive and masterful coaching.
    Michelle Cochran
      Michelle Cochran
  • Thank you for wanting a lot for me and creating the space for me to raise the bar in my own life. Your coaching has asked me to grow deeper and stronger. I acknowledge you for the power of our work together and the gift that you are to me on my journey. Our conversations and your expertise helped draw my desires forth and helped me create them as a reality. I am so grateful for you.
    Lerae Gidyk
      Lerae Gidyk
  • Jan's professional coaching style and her business experience gave her insight to where I was and where I wanted to go. She kept me focused and on track with what I said was most important to me. Together we produced some outstanding results and in less time than I thought possible. She gave me nudge after nudge that took me to a higher level. She is awesome!
    Laura Kaiser
      Laura Kaiser

What's Included

  • Eight (8) 50-minute Coaching Sessions to be used over 4 months for coaching, mentoring implementation, accountability, support and guidance.
  • Eight (8) 90-minute Group Coaching and Q&A Sessions in my Inner Circle Mastermind
  • Private Inner Circle Facebook Group For Daily Support And Accountability: You will get lifetime access to my private clients-only Facebook group to ask questions and celebrate successes and be held accountable to taking action every week. My team and I will be in there giving you support during the week too.
  • Brief email support between sessions for questions, feedback and advice or to review marketing materials
  • Comprehensive Welcome and Prep Pack including a questionnaire to help you get even clearer on your business goals so you can start experiencing clarity and focus as soon as you sign up

Plus Special BONUS: You will receive access to THREE (3) of my signature training programs in this mentorship! (Value: $4,000)

"Business Mastery for Coaches" to Create Your Signature Program and Get Fully Booked as a 1:1 Coach,
"Sold Out Groups" to Launch and Profit from Group Coaching Programs and Online Training Courses,
"Grow Your List and Profit: The Complete List Building Course to Attract a Steady Stream of Fans, Followers and Clients".
The content in these programs is like taking an MBA in the business side of coaching (but a lot more fun)!

You'll also get:

  • My eyes and hands all over your business from lead generation to automation, mindset up leveling to the most effective strategy for you.
  • I am 100% committed to your success and a complete open book about everything in my business to answer any and all questions you have. Nothing is off limits.
  • Significant Up Levels guaranteed (if you do the work!)
  • Only for those who are seriously ready to show up and create a quantum leap in their business and lifestyle.

What would it be like for you to consistently bring on new clients each month and make the money you want and deserve? To know exactly what to do every day in your business so you could work fewer hours and get better results?

The total value of this program is well over $15,000 - but you will pay much less!


You and Me Working Closely Together for 4 Months.

Let's Do This!

This program includes all the necessary guidance to sell your own 1:1 coaching packages, group coaching programs and online training courses and the opportunity to recoup your investment multiple times over while in mentorship.

Your Investment

$1,395.00 a month for 6 payments (30 days apart)

Or, Pay In Full $8,000.00 (you save $370)

(plus tax for Canadian Clients)
Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, PayPal.

If you're interested in learning more -- book a complimentary clarity call below where we'll dig into how you want to grow your business and where you're currently stuck. If we both feel you're a good fit to work together, we'll discuss more details on the call.

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What My Clients Have to Say

  • Jan helps me focus on what is most important and frame my challenges in a way that enables me to move past them. Her questions have stopped me in my tracks and this to me is a sign of a masterful coach. Because of the value she brings to me, I have and will continue to recommend her to others.
    Moreen Singh
      Moreen Singh
  • Jan helped me clarify my vision, feel comfortable articulating what I do in an authentic way, and reach wider than I had been thinking in terms of goals and objectives. She has a great blend of skills and seemed to use each at precisely the right time. I’m grateful for her support in my life.
    Shonnie Lavender
      Shonnie Lavender
  • Jan has the perfect blend of expert coaching skills teamed with cutting edge experience and knowledge. I highly recommend her services. I have developed much faster personally and professionally than expected.
    Susan Tomlinson
      Susan Tomlinson

  • Jan coached me on building my online marketing programs and systems. This led to the key outcome of my coaching with Jan which was pivotal: bringing my authentic voice to the branding and marketing of my business. This alignment created a marketing momentum that is very beneficial. I would highly recommend Jan for both online marketing coaching and, more importantly, bringing yourself to your business! She is very warm and authentic and an avid supporter!
    Jamie Davidoff
      Jamie Davidoff
  • When I began coaching with Jan, the vision of my destination was clear, but lacked some direction. Jan Marie literally took me from the secondary roads and steered me to the super highway, yet allowing me to remain in the driver’s seat throughout the ride. It was truly a rewarding experience and has left me enthused and motivated to reach new heights with a greater self awareness. Thanks for your support throughout our time together.
    Nancy McKellar
      Nancy McKellar
  • Jan is a true gift to female entrepreneurs. She models a gentle business savvy that reminds us we can use our feminine strengths in our business. She offers a wide bandwidth of strategies and mindset practices to be successful in business. Jan has been mentored and trained by leading edge mentors and her clients get rich benefits from her own personal journey and her commitment to fully embody her Soul Purpose. Thank you Jan for the wealth of character and presence you bring to us all!
    Sasha Sabbeth
      Sasha Sabbeth

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