Business Growth is an Inside Job

business growth for coaches

business growth for coaches
I’ve been teaching marketing and client attraction for many years, and what I have noticed is that many women spend a lot of time learning how to use social media, or how to grow their list, or how to get better at sales, but they rarely focus on the internal work that would really take their business to a whole new level.

My philosophy is that business growth is really an inside job – meaning that it’s not just about all the activities you are DOING, it’s also about who you are BEING.

Marketing and sales is what business is all about. Even though you provide a service such as coaching, consulting, or training, if you don’t also master the skill of marketing from the inside out, you’ll struggle to attract enough clients to keep you in business for a long time.

And knowing how to effectively BE your real self as you promote yourself can give you control over your income.

You need to do three key things:

  1. Get clear on the one thing you do better than virtually everyone you know.

    Take time to figure out what you are really, really good at. Know what sets you apart so you can stand out and get noticed. Get feedback to make sure your strength is something people really want and will pay for in your marketplace. Then, let your brilliance shine.

  3. Highlight that strength in everything you do.

    Teach it. Lead with it. Leverage it. Package it. Promote yourself as an expert or specialist in what you do best. Communicating from a place of power and certainty about your core talent will make all the difference in your sales and income.

  5. Continuously demonstrate your unique ability.

    Demonstrate to prospects and clients how you can uniquely solve their problems with your core gifts and talents. Bring your unique ability into everything you do on a consistent basis.

It takes a shift in your mindset to claim the power of your brilliance and really own it. By doing this, people will naturally be attracted to working with you and you won’t have to work so hard at selling yourself.

It’s a power shift inside yourself that will make all the difference in your marketing being either highly effective are not effective at all. You can make this shift in your mind – even if you are currently struggling – and watch the lid come off your income.

Come from a place of helping others and knowing that you have the strength and talent to really help them solve their current challenges. Believe that you’re the best person to help them.

Step into your power and claim expert positioning, and watch your income and sales soar!

I welcome your comments below.

~ Jan

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By Jan Marie Dore

I mentor coaches and women entrepreneurs to attract more clients and create and sell more of their coaching services, programs and courses online at www.JanMarieDore.com. I also host a Free Facebook community for women entrepreneurs at Coaches & Changemakers. Come join us - it's FREE!


  1. As you know Jan I’ve been a marketing coach for over 25 years and have believed (and told clients) in having a “marketing mindset” before you begin. I even put that you have to know what makes you unique in the Intro to my online ebook “How to start a service business on a shoestring”.

    I’d like to add to “Get clear on the one thing you do better than virtually everyone you know.” …. and that people will buy 🙂

  2. Thank you very much for this timely reminer, Jan! I would be graterful for an example–like what you consider YOUR strengths, that you market from. At the moment I have lost the bright passion that is my usual self, thinking COMMUNICATING with PASSION wa my core strength; now I’m confused–if it’s possible for a person to lose part of their identity and reason for serving others. (How to regain this, and get stronger in one’ sense of their value?)

  3. Hello Hannah. Thanks for asking about my strengths. I’ve been working this month on defining what my core talent is so I can simplify my business offerings. My gift is in creative brainstorming on new income opportunities from women’s creative self-expression. To your question – I think we don’t lose our reason for serving others – it just changes over time. What I am seeing now – and where I am meant to help people – is in narrowing in on unique ability. Think about the area of your work that most delights you and brings you alive – and do more of that. Let other parts go that you’re not as jazzed about now.

  4. Great tips, Jan Marie! One of the things that I have experienced first hand is the downfall of a diluted marketing message by trying to be too many things. In my first year of business I wasn’t focused or featuring THE thing I was best at and wanted to be known for. In your coaching have you ever come across the term “multi-passionate”? It’s a blessing and a curse for some of us; a coach I spoke with called it “niche-phobia”, LOL… in the coming year I’m going to try to reign in my tendency to try to do it all and focus on just two things: marketing myself as a web content writer and “trainer” (through my ebooks). Hopefully that is narrow enough to make an impact!
    Warm regards and thanks for your helpful business guidance,

  5. Hi Nicole,
    You’re so right in saying that multi-passionate people can be challenged in getting a clear message across that people will understand. You’re very smart to focus on 2 main things!
    ~ Jan

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