Are You Wishing And Hoping Instead Of Intending?

January is the time of the year we typically set goals and plan ahead for what we want to be, do or have for the coming year. This is the perfect time to set aside a few hours of quiet time to reflect on what you want more or less of . . . what you need to stop doing or start doing . . . what you want to bring in to your life or let go of.

Pull out your journal and answer the following questions:

  • what I want more is ….

  • what I want less of is ….

  • what I need to stop doing is ….

  • what I need to start doing is ….

  • what I want to bring in to my life is ….

  • what I need to let go of is …

This will give you a starting place for the changes you want to make in your life or business. Once you have clarity on the changes you want to make, it’s not enough to just wish and hope the changes will happen. That’s the attitude many people take and they wonder why nothing changes.

What you must do is commit, intend, and take consistent action in the direction you want to go. This is where most people give up too soon.

Make a firm commitment to yourself and at least one other person to take action on the things you have identified you want to do. This is where the power of coaching, mentoring, or a mastermind group can really help you get what you want much more quickly as you move into the strong power of intention instead of the weak power of wishing and hoping and hold yourself firmly accountable to the changes you intend to make.

By Jan Marie Dore

I mentor coaches and women entrepreneurs to attract more clients and create and sell more of their coaching services, programs and courses online at www.JanMarieDore.com. I also host a Free Facebook community for women entrepreneurs at Coaches & Changemakers. Come join us - it's FREE!

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