Activating Your Vision

VisionDo you have a big vision for your business and your life?

An activity I do with friends and colleagues once every year is to make a visual collage of my vision for the year for my life and my business. This helps me tap into my intuition and get in touch with what’s most important to me. I keep this vision board close to me where I can see it all year to keep me inspired and focused on my goals.

I thought I would share with you some ways that you could use this idea by setting aside time at least once a year to connect with your vision for your business and your life.

Here’s how you can activate your vision:

Set aside a day to dream big
As a business coach, the main mistake I see women entrepreneurs make is thinking too small. In fact, most people think much smaller than they could about what they can achieve. Take a day to do nothing but focus on your bigger vision of what’s possible for your business and your life. Connect with your big dream of what you’re really up to. This is the time to think big and stop ‘doing small’.

Write a vision statement
Capture the essence of your vision in one or two sentences. Keep it simple so that you could read it every day to inspire you. Write down phrases or statements about what you see as possible for the world, and what your role would be in that to make a real difference in other people’s lives.

Collage your vision
Buy a piece of colored poster paper. Take several magazines or travel brochures, and cut out any pictures, images, words or colors that appeal to you. Trust your intuition and don’t question why you’re choosing a certain item. Use a glue stick to attach the images to the poster board – and this becomes your ‘vision board’.

Learn your purpose
Your purpose tells you why you do what you do. Getting clear on your purpose is key to achieving your vision. Look for an underlying theme to your vision. Consider it in the context of all your life experiences, your strengths and your talents. Look for clues in what you are passionate about and what regularly attracts your interest.

Get clear on your purpose and your big dream
Once you are clear on your purpose and your big dream — your vision — practice experiencing it regularly. Connecting with your vision every day will keep you focused and on track to achieve the results you really want.

Keep inspired and motivated
Connect with your vision on a daily basis. Look at your vision board and imagine everything on it actually taking place. Imagine what that would actually look, feel, and be like. Set your intention and take action every day to reach your biggest goals.

By taking these steps of both writing and visualizing your vision, you will set yourself up for success that most others won’t achieve because they haven’t taken the time to dream and to plan.

I invite your comments below.

Wishing you much joy and success!

Jan Marie


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By Jan Marie Dore

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