Hi, I’m Jan Marie Dore

I’m passionate about teaching women how to grow a profitable coaching and training business online so they can live a life of freedom, meaning and financial success.

My mission is to remind women how powerful they truly are help them reconnect with themselves and be empowered to move past their limiting beliefs that may be holding them back from rising to their next level.

A little about me . . .

I’m an expert in coaching business growth for creative visionary women and a whiz at simplifying the strategy. I'm the creator of the 'Work Less, Live More Movement' for female entrepreneurs. My obsession is teaching women how to make a living doing what they love so they can live a freedom lifestyle while helping others and causing a ripple effect of positive change in the world.

I'm a globally recognized leader in the field of professional coaching, a top ranked business coach, and a woman who left her corporate career behind to launch a 6-figure coaching empire. I have trained and mentored thousands of coaches worldwide over the past 20 years to grow a profitable business - and grow themselves too! I achieved certification as a Master Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation in 2005.

I now run a thriving global online coaching business as well as the free Coaches & Changemakers Facebook Community for freedom-loving women entrepreneurs worldwide. My happiest days are spent travelling the world while running my business from my laptop.

Would You Like to Know the Secrets to...

  • attract more coaching clients
  • create your signature coaching package
  • grow your audience online
  • design online courses and group coaching programs
  • create profitable webinars
  • make money as a coach, mentor, trainer or "expert entrepreneur"
  • live a freedom lifestyle while helping others

Then I'm your girl!

I'm a living example that you can create a thriving coaching business that transforms people's lives and gives you both financial and time freedom and the ability to run your business and make money from anywhere in the world - even while you travel - once you know the simple steps to take, and know how to leverage simple online strategies effectively.

My zone of genius is business and personal growth for women coaches and changemakers. I'm passionate about helping other women live their life as a creative adventure and grow a coaching and training business that transforms lives, gives them meaning and freedom, and supports all their dreams. And, that makes real money.

And now I help other coaches build businesses just like mine with my free resources and my Signature Programs "Booked Up Coach", "Sold Out Groups and Courses" and "Grow Your List and Profit".

There is a New Way, a Better Way to Grow a Profitable, Freedom-Based, Multiple Streams of Income Coaching and Training Business so You Can Change More Lives for the Better - Including Your Own!

Here's Exactly What I Did to Shift my Business and Get Better Results

  • I created my own signature coaching package and tiered coaching programs at various price points - including premium packages and client intensives
  • I created leveraged and scalable programs like group coaching programs and online courses that free up my time and give me passive and recurring income
  • I learned how to engage in authentic sales conversations to enroll new clients in my coaching programs easily and naturally
  • I implemented some simple automated systems to grow my business online so I wouldn't be tied to my desk
  • I got clarity on my true desires and did mindset work, creative visualization and spiritual practices to uplevel and shift my mindset, my beliefs and my money story to feel confident in what I had to offer and in charging what I felt my services were truly worth
  • I invested in high level mentorship to elevate my mindset and create premium offers. I continually invest in my own learning and development with coaches and mentors who inspire me so I am always learning and growing and sharing what I learn with others.

The best part? I get to choose my own hours, set my own schedule, the location I work from, the clients I want to work with and how much I want to earn. I’m totally FREE. And you can be too!

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