How Group Programs Can Give You More Freedom, Fulfillment and Income

group coachingGroup programs have so many benefits, I often wonder why more people don’t offer them. Group coaching and training programs have been a mainstay of my business for many years.

When I work with coaches and service providers who have designed their business to deliver only one-on-one services, the next step I most often suggest for them is to add a group program to their service offerings.

This could be in the form of a seminar, workshop or retreat, or a virtual teleseminar, webinar, online video training or membership site – or a mix of several of these online and in-person formats. The idea is that you take what you currently offer one-on-one, and modify it slightly to fit a group format.

My business, my income and my life changed when I added the group model to my business many years ago. I had a full practice of one-on-one clients, but I was left with very little time to do anything else.

By adding group programs, it freed up my time, boosted my income, and gave a way for people to try me out at a lower price point and with less of a time commitment than my one-on-one services.

The benefits of adding group programs are many, namely:

  • you start shifting away from the limiting time-for-money income model

  • you reach more people with your work

  • you gain leverage in your income – meaning you earn more in one hour with groups than you do one-on-one

  • you free up time by standardizing your offer in a group format instead of customizing your work for each client (which can take an enormous amount of your time)

  • you experience deep satisfaction knowing your gifts and talents are touching more lives

By adding a group programs to your business model, you gain more time freedom, greater satisfaction and influence.

And I want that for you.

Plus, you know you’ve made a real difference changing more people’s lives in a positive way.

Doesn’t that sound worth it?

I invite your questions and comments below about designing and delivering group programs.

~ Jan Marie


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    As I revamp my business – wonderful new website coming anyway now – I see the need for a group program. But I need help working out exactly what my message is and the best way to deliver it.

    Joined the 6 week program – all looking good so far!

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