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Tired of juggling multiple coaching calls and clients each and every week? By now you’ve undoubtedly discovered that your coaching income is limited by the number of hours you can reasonably work each week.

If you're like the hundreds of other coaches I've worked with, you hung out your coaching shingle primarily because . . .

  • You love the one-on-one time you get to spend with clients
  • You light up when you see your clients take action and make radical changes in their businesses and their lives
  • You are at your best when you can brainstorm with a special client and work through her roadblocks with her

Too bad you don't get to do more of that, right?

The problem is, you have a limited number of hours every day to work with individual clients on an hourly basis, and . . . not only that, but trying to keep ahead of several different clients, their needs, and their open projects is incredibly time consuming. Some weeks it feels like all you do is read updates, reply to emails and reschedule appointments!

Your clients want - and need - more. They need more than you can give them in a single phone call. They're begging for your undivided attention. They need a focused, distraction-free setting where they can work with you one-on-one and make real changes in their lives and business in a short period of time.

And you're in a great position to give them just that.

Offer Focused Intensives So Clients Get Better Results
. . . and You Make More Money

If you've ever considered offering VIP days to your clients, now is the time to leap into that powerful marketplace. Your clients - even if they haven't asked you yet - are looking for the radical changes that can only come from these focused programs.

And best of all, when you offer VIP days, your income will grow exponentially. You'll be able to work with fewer clients, put in fewer hours per week, and take home more money than you are now - just by concentrating your efforts into tightly focused day-long events.

CLIENT VIP DAY PROFITS: 4 Steps to Create and Sell Lucrative Coaching Client Intensives

The Ultimate Guide to Selling Premium
One-Day Intensives and Attracting High-Fee Clients

Here is a Description of Exactly What You'll Learn in this 4 Lesson Self-Study Training


As with most things, the secret to success lies in the planning. Get this part right, and the rest will quickly fall into place. In module one, we’ll cover everything you need to do to ensure a smooth transition from coach to VIP master.

You’ll discover . . .

  • How (and why) to make your VIP Day extra special - remember, these are premium services, so they absolutely must look the part.
  • 3 things you must know before you get started - get these right, and the rest of the planning is a breeze!
  • Why your VIP day shouldn't appeal to everyone - and how to make it a must-have for your ideal client.
  • How to knock your client's socks off by laser targeting her exact "big problem" - she'll love you for life and become your biggest fan when you help her get past this hurdle.
  • How to ensure your ideal client feels comfortable enough to take the leap - VIP days are costly, so it's critical you get this part right the first time.
  • How to properly price your VIP days so you don't lose your shirt.
  • 8 expenses coaches fail to include in their pricing consideration - miss these and you'll find yourself paying out of pocket at the last minute!
  • 4 potential venue choices - including one you may not have considered.


Got a plan in place? Great! Let's talk about how to make the most of your VIP days. This takes a bit of organization, but we already know you're great at that, so module two is going to be a breeze for you.

In it, you'll learn. . .

  • How to correctly incorporate flexibility into a strict schedule - because your clients want to know exactly what to expect, but they also need a little unscripted time, too.
  • 4 ways to pre-qualify VIP candidates - this must-do step is critical to your success as a coach, so don't skip this one!
  • How to use the pre-screening process to customize your VIP days for individual clients - this virtually ensures she'll leave her session singing your praises to everyone who will listen. .
  • 4 ways to raise your rates - and have your clients thanking you for it.
  • 3-step plan for structuring your VIP days - when you get these important pieces in place, the rest will flow naturally.
  • VIP Day sample schedule - so you can know what works, what doesn't, and how to avoid overwhelming your clients with too much information.
  • "Extras" you should provide to make her choice to invest in your coaching even more memorable - because it's often the smallest details that provide the biggest benefit to your clients.
  • 7 VIP day components to consider outsourcing - trying to do everything yourself will leave you frazzled and inattentive, so plan ahead to get some help where needed.


Now that the planning and structure is complete, it's time for the rubber to hit the road. Let's get the word out about your new coaching program and start filling your funnel with pre-qualified, eager clients.

In module three, we'll cover . . .

  • 8 tried-and-true content marketing strategies that work - start building a buzz about your VIP day using some or all of these techniques, and word will quickly spread.
  • The number one way to generate interest fast with a highly targeted audience - using this tool in conjunction with the content marketing strategies we've already covered will leave you with more potential clients than you can handle!
  • How to host a professional, productive webinar that sells - pay close attention to this section and you'll never have to worry about technical glitches that spell disaster.
  • 4 questions to answer before you begin planning your content - you'll save yourself hours of wasted time by thinking through these first.
  • How to create landing pages that convert - and the number one tool for coaches, authors, speakers and marketers.
  • Call-to-action strategies that work - use just one of these techniques and see your conversions increase dramatically.
  • 3 powerful follow-up techniques to keep them interested - most will not buy immediately, but a carefully structured follow-up series can turn a "maybe" into a "YES!"


Everyone says it, but few actually pull it off. In this final module we'll take a close look at what "overdeliver" really means, and what it can do for your VIP clients.

We'll cover . . .

  • 3 must-have elements of any coaching program - nailing these is the key to overdelivering!
  • Where to get help - it's impossible to do everything yourself, but what to hand off (and to who) can be a struggle.
  • How to automate your systems - doing this will not only save you time, but it will eliminate many of the mistakes that make other coaches and programs look unprofessional.
  • 7 special considerations when you host a live VIP day - if you really want to knock her socks off, don't scrimp on these!
  • 2 proven ways to grow your reputation as a VIP coach - putting these in place before your event will help ensure you make use of the power of "social proof."
  • How to capitalize on a well-done VIP day - because your VIP days aren't the bottom of your funnel, they're in the middle.
  • 3 effective upsells you can use - happy VIP clients are looking for more! Don't disappoint them by letting them walk away at the end of your time together with nothing more to look forward to.

I'll show you exactly how to plan and sell your own
VIP Client Days in this 4-module course.

Here's a Summary of Everything You'll Receive


    You will receive access to four in-depth webinar training lessons as soon as you sign up for self-study at your own time and pace. Each video lesson is between 35 to 45 minutes long and walks you step-by-step through planning, organizing, filling and delivering your Client VIP Days.


    There is also a worksheet for each lesson that includes action steps and a checklist to help you plan, organize and promote your VIP days. This will shorten your learning curve and save you time and money getting started offering client intensives.


    This is the tech guide and RESOURCE LIST to my top recommended sites for all the resources and technology you need to run and deliver your programs and free up your time. This will save you tons of time and ensure you get better results.


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