An incredible day that will get your coaching business on the FAST TRACK to success!

Accelerate Your Results With
a Private Business Intensive

These private intensives are designed for coaches and women entrepreneurs who want to see results quickly.

  • Do you desire your own online coaching business with clients from around the world you that you impact on a daily basis?
  • Do you desire more freedom in your schedule, in your finances and in your ability to travel and indulge in self-care more often?
  • Are you looking to attract high-level coaching clients and consistently earn $5K, $8K, $10K every month?

Jan Marie Dore, MCC


When was the last time you had a whole day to yourself
with an industry expert?

A whole day to focus on you, your dreams and your big plans for your business and your life?

In your own private intensive you will have a full day of high level support and guidance to grow your business (or a half-day if you choose the Skype Intensive option).

These custom designed private intensives provide you a focused opportunity to accelerate your results and create new possibilities in your business and life.

During Your Business Intensive You’ll:

  • Get clear on your unique message (no more competing and comparing)
  • Know exactly who your ideal clients are (and where to find more of them)
  • Design and price your signature offering (the one clients come to you for)
  • Discover a powerful daily mindset practice (so you can stop sabotaging your money flow and start attracting more income)
  • Walk away with a solid action plan of EXACTLY what to do and when to do it.

Plus if you choose the One Day In-Person Luxury Intensive (versus the half day Skype option) you will also receive:

  • A Personalized Marketing and Sales Plan (so you'll exactly know how to make more sales consistently).
  • We'll get your business in the right place to generate more cash flow (so you can experience more freedom and a laptop lifestyle).

You’d be amazed how much you can cover in one intensive session of private consulting and mentoring when you come prepared with your specific questions and challenges.

By allowing yourself to receive support and take time for yourself in a beautiful, luxurious location, you will experience a new level of inspiration and possibility.

What’s included with your Business Intensive?

  • Welcome and Prep Packet
    As soon as you sign up for your Luxury Intensive, you’ll receive a comprehensive Welcome and Preparation Packet that will help you immediately get clear on your goals and take steps to start creating positive shifts and results in your life. This packet also includes exercises you can begin immediately to draw more abundance into your life.
  • Luxury Intensive
    Your intensive can either be held at one of my beautiful destinations or we can meet in the location that’s easiest for you over Skype. Either way you’ll be immersed in support to create your freedom-based lifestyle with expert guidance. You’ll walk away with a clear plan of action to create the business, lifestyle & impact you desire.
  • Follow-up Support
    Plus, you’ll receive a follow-up coaching and implementation call to answer any questions that come up and support you in moving forward with powerful positive momentum.

Jan Marie Dore, MCC

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with women around the world creating lucrative businesses based on work they love to do and all with the freedom of designing the life they desire.

Why wait for three to six months of coaching when you can get it done now in one day so you can immediately implement your unique and customized freedom-based lifestyle business plan with your message and marketing ready to go!

Join Me for a Powerful and Transformative Day of Coaching in an Inspiring City You’d Love to Visit.

Ready to Book Your Business Intensive? Have Questions?

I'd love to meet you for a day of powerful strategic consulting
on the design, marketing and growth of your coaching business.


Is This Your Time To Create a Thriving, PURPOSE-DRIVEN BUSINESS and a FREEDOM-FILLED LIFE?

INVESTMENT for Your Luxury Intensive

You’ll Receive:
* Comprehensive Welcome and Preparation Packet
* One-Day Intensive in-person, or half-day via Skype
* Follow-up and Implementation Call

One Day In-Person Luxury Intensive - $2,900.00

Half Day Skype Intensive - $1,695.00

Payment plan available. (plus tax for Canadian Clients)

Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, PayPal.


This investment in mentoring and consulting for your business can pay off
fully and quickly - if you follow up and do the work.

Clients have the opportunity to recoup their investment by selling just 1-2 of the high-level programs we create during your personalized intensive.