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This PRIVATE COACHING BUSINESS MENTORSHIP is for creative, visionary coaches, consultants and service professionals who feel called to make a positive difference in the world and want to build a business that makes an impact and gives them great money and the flexibility and freedom to choose when and where they work.


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You know deep down that there is more for you – more clients, more confidence, more money, more time off to enjoy yourself – but you just don’t seem to be able to break through the barriers that have kept you over-working and under-earning. You see other coaches having success, but it hasn’t happened for you yet. At least, not at the level you desire. You're working long hours, but it isn’t paying off in new clients or greater cash flow. You want to make a big difference in people’s lives – but not enough people know about you, so you end up feeling frustrated and invisible.

I’m Jan Marie Dore and I know what you’re going through. I’ve been there too. For a long time, I got by with just enough clients and income to pay my monthly bills. But, there was never enough left over for me to travel, or to buy the clothes I really wanted, or to feel the freedom that I have now to spend what I want, when I want (within reason of course!).

I stayed under the radar for many years, feeling small and invisible. I was passionate about what I did and the women I helped – in fact, I coached many women to get better results than I was having.

So I felt smaller and less visible than I knew I was meant to be. I really wanted to be a financially successful coach. But I went deeply into debt paying for coaches and mentors and seminars and group programs to help me become a better coach, get more clients and make more money. But I still didn’t get the results I really wanted. Maybe you have experienced something similar?

So Here's What I Did to Make a Big Shift and
Get a Much Better Result with Less Effort

  • I made a commitment to myself that I would do whatever it took to step up my game and make the difference I knew deep down I was here to make.
  • I made the decision to get expert support and invest in my own private high-end business mentor and get a whole new level of support and advice I knew I had been going without for far too long.
  • I asked my mentor to help me make quick decisions about my new coaching packages and intensives and premium pricing levels that I dared not consider before because I didn't have the confidence to ask for what I felt I was truly worth - - - and this is exactly what I help my clients do now.
  • With this high level of support and accountability, I created and sold my first high-end coaching packages and simplified my business model to make it much easier and more fun to run. (Do you want that too? I can help!)
  • I got clear on exactly what systems and structures I had to put in place so I could attract more clients with less effort. (This is how you simplify and automate your business to make it fun to run!)
  • I committed to a daily mindset and spiritual practice to uplevel my wealth consciousness, master my success and money mindset, and attract more abundance. I credit these daily practices in large part to the results I have experienced, and I'd love to show you how you can do the same.

Within a few weeks of being mentored privately, I signed up several new clients at my highest prices ever and I started to feel really confident in the money conversations asking for higher dollar amounts and truly believing I was worth it. I started making real money – and it came easily! It was like the floodgates opened and I had stepped into a new world I hadn’t experienced before.

T r a n s f o r m e d

I Know This is Possible for You Too. I'd Love to Show You How You Can Get Similar Results and Break Through Your Income Ceiling Too, Just Like I Did, and Like Many of My Clients and Colleagues Have Too.

Ready to Experience 1-1 Mentorship? Have Questions?


In this 1-to-1 Private Mentorship You'll Learn EXACTLY How You Can:

  • Create and Sell Coaching Packages, Programs and Intensives Over and Over Again for $1,500, $2,500, $5,000, $8,000 or Even Higher Using PROVEN Systems and Easy-to-Follow Templates so You Can Experience $5K and $10K + Months Consistently
  • Uplevel Your Online Brand, Social Media Presence, Website and Free Offers so Your Ideal Clients Can't Wait to Book a Discovery Call with You
  • Set Up Simple Marketing Structures and Systems That Will Simplify Your Business and Bring You a Steady Stream of Ideal Clients While You Work Less Than Ever!
  • Shift Your Money Mindset and Wealth Consciousness and Release Money Blocks to Increase Your Capacity to Receive More Money
  • Engage Confidently in Soulful Sales Conversations that Get More Yeses Every Time
  • Set Up Sales Systems to Sell Your Coaching Programs Over and Over and Bring in Consistent Cash Flow So You'll Have the Potential to Make Back Your Investment in Mentoring in No Time At All
  • Use Social Media as a Highly Effective Marketing Resource
  • . . . and much more!

The Results You Can Expect by Doing the Work:

  • Clarity and Confidence Around Your Core Offer and Ideal Clients
  • Design Your Own Signature Coaching Program
  • Create a Simple Marketing Plan to Build Visibility and Credibility
  • Easily and Authentically Close Sales with Dream Clients (Without Feeling Salesy)
  • Put Systems and Structures in Place that Support a High Profit Transformational Coaching Business so You Can Work Less and Earn More
  • Start Attracting More of What You Really Want by Developing Your Success Mindset and Powerful Coaching Presence
  • Create a Schedule So You Can Run Your Business in 4 Days a Week or Less
  • The Freedom to Work From Anywhere, Anytime with Amazing Clients You Adore
  • . . . and much more!


What would it be like for you to consistently bring on new clients each month and make the money you want and deserve? To know exactly what to do every day in your business so you could work fewer hours and get better results?


This 4 Month Private Business Mentorship
is for you if:

  • You have or are starting a coaching, consulting or service business and have a strong desire to make more money and experience more freedom and fulfillment
  • You’re ready to do what it takes to uplevel your brand, your mindset, your business and your life
  • You want to offer coaching programs and high-end, premium coaching packages but don't know how to create and sell them and would like guidance from a high-level coach
  • You know the next step of your business evolution is to put some systems in place so you can free up your time, make more money and impact more people
  • You want the freedom to work from anywhere, anytime, create your own schedule and live the lifestyle you really desire

I Will Show You Exactly How You Can Attract Higher Paying Clients and Create and Sell Premium Coaching Programs and Group Coaching Programs So You Can Work Less, Make Much More Money and Make a Deeper Difference

You'll Receive:

  • My Complete Signature Training "THRIVING COACHING BUSINESS: 8 Steps to a Fully Booked Business and Ultimate Freedom Lifestyle." This 8 Lesson Online Training will guide you step-by-step to design and sell 1:1 coaching packages, attract more clients, master your mindset and your sales conversations and grow your coaching business and is for self-study in your own time and pace. ($1,500 value)
  • My Complete Signature Training "SOLD OUT GROUPS: 8 Steps to Create, Launch and Profit from Group Coaching Programs and Online Courses. This 8 Lesson Online Training will guide you step-by-step to deign, sell and profit from group coaching programs, webinars and online courses and is for self-study in your own time and pace. ($1,500 value)
  • Twelve (12) 50-minute Coaching Sessions to be used over 4 months for implementation, accountability, support and guidance.
  • Personal email support for the duration of your program for quick, focused questions, feedback and advice and to celebrate successes
  • Comprehensive Welcome and Prep Pack including a questionnaire to help you get even clearer on your business goals so you can start experiencing clarity and focus as soon as you sign up

Plus You'll Get:

  • Full access to my "Resource Rolodex" of all the systems and services I use (this list will save you a lot of wasted time and money!)
  • A copy of the Application, Client Agreement and Welcome Package I use and recommend for Premium Level Clients so you can use or model it right away
  • Checklists, templates, worksheets and resource lists as needed for marketing, sales, designing and pricing coaching programs and much more

Fast Action Bonus

For those who take decisive action, and register for the program on the Discovery Call, or withing 24 hours after the call, you'll receive an additional action BONUS 1 hour Skype intensive coaching session to be used at any time during the program .

Very Special Added Bonuses

You will receive access to my two signature training programs in this mentorship: "Thriving Coaching Business" and "Sold Out Groups". The content in these 2 programs is like taking an MBA in the business side of coaching (but a lot more fun)! (value $3,000)

Thriving Coaching Business: 8 Steps to a Fully Booked Business and Ultimate Freedom Lifestyle

You'll receive my 8 Video Workshop Lessons with Training Modules for self-study in your own time and pace, which cover these topics to grow your business:
1) Design Your Dream Business and Lifestyle
2) Empower Your Mindset for Success
3) Create Your Signature Coaching Program
4) Attract Your Ideal Clients
5) Master Your Sales Conversations
6) Grow Your Following Online
7) Automate Your Client Attraction and Sales
8) Expand Your Coaching Empire
Bonus Training: "Create Client VIP Days" - 4 lesson training to create and sell client intensives

SOLD OUT GROUPS: 8 Steps to Create, Launch and Profit from Group Coaching Programs and Online Courses

You'll receive my 8 Video Workshop Lessons with Training Modules for self-study in your own time and pace, which cover these topics to grow your business:

1) Choose the Topic, Niche and Outcome for Your Program or Course
2) Design Your Signature Group Program or Online Course
3) Decide Your Model, Format, Bonuses, Pricing and Marketing Funnel
4) Offer a Free Preview of Your Program or Course
5) Create a Marketing Strategy to Promote Your Program or Course
6) Plan Your Launch Campaign and Sales Systems
7) Embody Energy and Confidence to Sell Out Your Groups and Courses
8) Lead and Deliver Transformational Group Experiences
Bonus Training: "GET WEALTHY WITH WEBINARS: 4 Steps to Create Lucrative Webinars That Sell" - 4 lesson training to promote and sell with webinars.

Ready to Get Started Growing Your Coaching Practice and Creating and Selling Premium Coaching Packages?


You Can Get Expert Support & Guidance to Create a Coaching Business You Love, Earn the Money You Desire, and Create the Freedom You Deserve

Your Investment


OR 1 down payment of $3,500 plus three payments of $1,500 (plus tax for Canadian Clients)
Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, PayPal.

This program includes all the necessary guidance to sell your own 1:1 coaching packages, group coaching programs and online courses and the opportunity to recoup your investment multiple times over while in mentorship.


Here's What Women Say About Jan Marie Dore

  • Michelle Cochran

    michellecochranJan Marie, one conversation with you changed my whole life. It was like you swung the gate open and let me walk through to where my amazing new life and direction was waiting. I can’t tell you the sense of freedom I’ve had since then. There’s no price tag you can put on that kind of intuitive and masterful coaching. MI, USA

  • Laura Kaiser

    “Jan Marie’s professional coaching style and her business experience gave her insight to where I was and where I wanted to go. She kept me focused and on track with what I said was most important to me. Together we produced some outstanding results and in less time than I thought possible. She gave me nudge after nudge that took me to a higher level. She is awesome!” Coach/Consultant Oregon, USA

  • Susan Tomlinson

    susantomlinson“Jan Marie has the perfect blend of expert coaching skills teamed with cutting edge experience and knowledge. I highly recommend her services. I have developed much faster personally and professionally than expected.” London, England

  • Sasha Sabbeth

    sashasabbeth“Jan Marie is a true gift to female entrepreneurs. She models a gentle business savvy that reminds us that we are feminine beings doing business rather than believing that we must forsake our feminine strengths to be in business. Her clients get rich benefits of her own personal journey in her commitment to fully embody her soul purpose and the wealth of character and information she brings to us all!” CA, USA

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