Who is Your Business Mentor?

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How has your week been? I had a lovely lunch yesterday on an outdoor patio on the river. So lovely that spring is here and we can be outdoors again. I recently signed up for a new coaching program with a high level mentor. The mastermind group of women entrepreneurs she has gathered is so […]

Specialize, Simplify and Systematize to Grow Your Business and Income the Easy Way

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One thing I have learned over many years in business is that the best results come when I narrow down to focus on my top core talents and simplify my business offerings. I was teaching a marketing class recently to a group of coaches and consultants and said to the participants that you need to […]

Learn the Steps to Design, Launch and Fill Lucrative Group Coaching Programs – 7 Module Training Starts mid-March

Are you a coach, speaker, consultant or service professional who would like to add new income streams to your business and make a bigger impact by offering group programs? Are you ready to shift your profits into high gear by leading groups? I invite you to join me for my new 7 Module video training […]

Generosity: The New Business Growth Strategy

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When you learned about business, were you taught that it’s all about getting clients, promoting yourself, and making lots of money? I know that’s what I learned. And that’s the way I approached growing my business for many years. It took me a long time to realize that there is another way to approach the […]

Who Am I Now?

Who Am I Now 208X162

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As each new year begins, one thing I like to do is to take stock of where I am now and where I want to be in the next 12 months. I know that the clearer I am on what I want […]

Marketing is an Inside Job

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Marketing and sales is what business is all about. Knowing how to effectively promote yourself can give you control over your income. Even though you provide a service such as coaching, consulting, or training, if you don’t also master the skill of marketing, you’ll struggle to attract enough clients to keep you in business for […]

Where Is Your Bliss Station?

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Do you ever feel you have no time for yourself? Most of us get so busy in our lives, there is very little time to slow down and reflect. Click the arrow to listen to Jan Marie Dore reading this article

I’ve been making more time lately to nurture my spiritual side and take […]