Marketing is an Inside Job

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Marketing and sales is what business is all about. Knowing how to effectively promote yourself can give you control over your income. Even though you provide a service such as coaching, consulting, or training, if you don’t also master the skill of marketing, you’ll struggle to attract enough clients to keep you in business for […]

Where Is Your Bliss Station?

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Do you ever feel you have no time for yourself? Most of us get so busy in our lives, there is very little time to slow down and reflect. Click the arrow to listen to Jan Marie Dore reading this article

I’ve been making more time lately to nurture my spiritual side and take […]

Coaching Business Freedom Formula – Free Webinar

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Coaching Business Freedom Formula: 5 Steps to Build a Leveraged Lucrative Coaching Business Free Webinar Training with Jan Marie Dore on Wednesday, September 24, 2014 at 4pm Eastern/NY Time (1pm Pacific/LA Time) Sign Up Here In this free webinar, you’ll learn: the online MEGATREND every coaching business should be embracing right now how you can […]

Is Your Marketing Message Targeted and Powerful?

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Click the arrow to listen to Jan Marie Dore reading this article.

For your marketing message to be really powerful and effective, it needs to be very targeted and specific. You’ll want to define who the ideal prospects are who could most benefit from your products and services, and include that in your message. […]

Are You Giving Your Clients What They Really Want?

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Do you know the biggest problems, frustrations and concerns of your ideal clients – the hot buttons of the people you most want to attract? Over the years as I’ve been coaching business owners and service professionals, I’ve noticed that many don’t take the time to really get to know their clients at a deeper […]

Think Small: Micro-Niche Your Way to Business Success

July 25-14 Think Small Micro Niche 317X201

Conventional wisdom tells us to think big. Having coached and trained thousands of coaches and small business owners, I find the ones that have the greatest success tend to think small. What do I mean by ‘thinking small’? I mean choosing a narrow micro-niche where they can stand out as a leader and get noticed. […]

A 3 Step, Mini Marketing Audit to Streamline Your Marketing Tactics

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I was teaching a class on marketing tactics recently to the very talented group of women entrepreneurs in my coaching program. We talked about the complexity of doing business now and how much things have changed – especially in the past few years. There is a lot of confusion about what works and what doesn’t […]