My Passion Is Inspiring Women to Create Thriving, Transformational Coaching Businesses, Lead Amazing Lives, and Achieve Financial Freedom

Hi - I’m Jan Marie Dore, the creator of
The Thriving Coaching Business Formula and the Sold Out Groups System . . . my two in-depth training programs that have been used by hundreds of coaches in different niches and markets to create highly successful online coaching businesses.

My mission is to teach women coaches and changemakers how to grow a thriving global online business so they can work less, make more, inspire positive change in the world and build the coaching business and lifestyle of their dreams.

Jan Marie Dore, MCC

My business name is - but people call me Jan. So, here’s my story.

Several years ago, I left my stressful, soul-draining high-paying corporate finance career because it was way too small and confining for my creative soul. And for my adventurous artistic feminine spirit. There was no room for me as a compassionate feminine leader in the male-dominated environment I was in.

So, I quit my 9-5 job, sold my house and went on an adventure.


Only mine was a ‘Pray, Paint, Play’ adventure. 2 weeks meditating with Thich Nhat Hanh at Plum Village in France, 2 weeks painting watercolors in the south of France, several weeks traveling through Europe, a month in England, then my own 6 month spectacular sabbatical in Victoria BC on the west coast of Canada.

I went looking for myself, and that’s where I found ME, found faith, discovered coaching, took coach training, launched my coaching business and never looked back.

I threw myself heart and soul into growing my coaching business, working with all types of clients. This ultimately led to receiving the highest level of ICF credential “Master Certified Coach”. It's been the most rewarding personal journey I've ever been on.

Along the way I took yoga teacher training and certification at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts and taught yoga and meditation for many years in addition to running my coaching business.

I Had Found My Calling. and, I Also Found
Freedom, Meaning, Spirituality and Abundance

All the things I had been searching for. I lived an adventure. I went on an entrepreneurial journey.

And now the creative, fun, playful part of me I had to deny in my corporate job I get to use every day in my work. It is so freeing to bring my creative spirit, my intuition, my faith in an abundant universe, and the REAL ME into my work. Who doesn’t want that for themselves?

Now that I have discovered how to bring my adventurous creative feminine spiritual self into my work, I love helping other women jump on a different path, live their own life as an adventure, and create a coaching business that transforms lives, gives them meaning and freedom, and supports all their dreams. And, that makes real money.

For me, the big money took a while to arrive, but it’s here now. I needed to do an intensive MINDSET WORK. Big time. I had so many old limiting beliefs to let go of before I felt fully confident in what I had to offer and in charging what I felt my services were really worth..

Now I'm a living example that you can create a thriving coaching business that transforms people's lives and gives you both financial and time freedom and the ability to run your business and make money from anywhere in the world - even while you travel - once you know the simple steps to take, and know how to leverage online strategies effectively.

You Can Get Expert Support & Guidance to Create a Coaching Business You Love, Earn the Money You Desire, and Create the Freedom You Deserve

The good news is that there is a better way to grow a freedom-based coaching business.

Here's exactly what I did to shift my business and get better results:

  • I took time to get clarity on my true desires – the ones that I really wanted that came from my heart
  • I created my own signature coaching program and tiered coaching programs at various price points - including premium, high-end prices
  • I clarified what makes my services truly valuable and worked on my coaching confidence and authentic presence
  • I learned how to engage in authentic heartfelt conversations to sell my coaching programs easily and naturally.
  • I created leveraged and scalable programs like group coaching programs and online courses that free up my time and increase my income
  • I implemented the best systems and structures to grow my business online so I wouldn't be tied to a desk
  • I did daily creative visualization, mindset work and spiritual practices to uplevel and shift my mindset, my beliefs and my money story
  • I invested in high level mentorship with the last of my savings to elevate my mindset and create premium offers. . . and paid off the investment in my first month of being coached! (And now continually invest in my own learning and development with coaches that inspire me with their own businesses and lifestyles.)

The best part? I choose my own hours, my own schedule, the location I work from and how much I want to earn. I’m totally FREE. And you can be too!

And now I help other coaches build businesses just like mine. I’ve used my experiences to create customized coaching programs so that other coaches (like YOU!) can have the same success that I enjoy.

So that you can enjoy being financially free, so that you can arrange your own schedule and so that you can have truly unlimited earning potential – while enjoying your work and making a difference!

And now, I work with highly creative and passionate coaches and women who are inspiring positive change in the world to support them in growing thriving transformational coaching businesses.

I get to help women connect with their authentic feminine power and intuition and BECOME their best self. I give them the tools to find financial freedom in their business and live a meaningful life.

I teach them how to run their business more effectively with more grace and ease and more free time to do all the things they live to do.

I help them find clarity and bring structure to all their creative ideas so they can make real money.

You know it's time to grow your business and get your message out there in a bigger way. You can feel it.

If you're ready for more support and expert guidance, then I invite you to take a look here at my



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You have a gift to share. I may not know yet what your gift is, but one thing I know for sure is that you deserve to be well paid for it.

It’s your birthright to be fully expressed and to live an amazing, abundant life.

And I am so ready to support you and believe in you.

I have created a life and business I love on my own terms.

And I want to help YOU do the same.

Sound interesting?

Check out my free resources, group programs and courses and private coaching and mentorship, and if you are ready to say a resounding YES to your future, connect with me here so we can schedule a time to talk... and then you can start living the life you’ve always imagined.

xo Jan

P.S. Want My Official Bio?

Jan Marie Dore, MCC mentors women entrepreneurs to create thriving, multiple streams of income online coaching businesses, live meaningful lives, and achieve freedom and financial success.

As a highly experienced business coach and mentor for coaches, she is doing her part to inspire an exceptional new wave of talented coaches and conscious women entrepreneurs who are creating real change in the world.

She runs the "Coaches and Changemakers" Facebook community for conscious women coaches and entrepreneurs worldwide.

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