Are You Ready to Reach More People With Your Message, Make a Bigger Difference With Your Mission, and Make More Money With Confidence and Ease?

jan marie doreIf you're like me, you have a strong desire to make a positive difference and change lives. . . you have a sense that your purpose is to help a large number of people. . . and, you feel called to share your voice with the world in a bigger way.

You're really good at what you do. You've spent years building up your expertise and honing your craft. You have a passionate, inspiring message that can change lives.

And yet, you may not know how to get your message out to a wider audience and attract enough attention for what you're really good at so that you make a very good living. You may be almost invisible in your marketplace - not seen, heard or hired by enough people.

Now Imagine This...

A Thriving Full Practice
High-Paying Clients and Multiple Streams of Income

And You - Center Stage and in the Spotlight
Doing What You Love and Do Best
Attracting Opportunities to Speak, Coach, Mentor, Train and Teach
Changing Lives and Making a Positive Difference in the World!

Imagine Having The Know-How And Support To Build A Meaningful, Conscious, Highly Profitable Business Around The Unique Way You Feel Called To Contribute To The World!

You need help to make this happen - someone who knows coaches, speakers and service professionals, knows how to build a conscious business that changes lives, knows effective marketing strategies, and stays on top of latest best practices in the industry. An experienced mentor who has the know-how, the results, and a proven, step-by-step system you can follow to build a highly profitable, meaningful business around the work you feel called to do - a business that gives you more time, freedom and income, and makes a real impact in the world.

Isn't It Time To Start Standing Out
For The Work You Feel Called To Do?

If you’re ready to get started growing your business RIGHT NOW into a high-profit, multiple streams of income conscious business that changes lives - take a look at my coaching programs - and let's talk!